Free Diamonds on this popular iOS and Android game

Since the release of Boom Beach people were asking themselves if there is a easy way to hack Boom Beach on iOS and Android devices. We made the test and here is what we found!

Lots of rumours saying a Boom Beach hack is spreading viruses or is hacking the game. We were talking to the people who used it and checked the online generator by ourselves. Is it true that this is just a huge scam? People really get betrayed like this? We wanted to find out. Before we used the FIFA 18 coin generator successfully.


At first we were watching several videos on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and other social media websites. All of them were showing how people used their smartphone, visited some websites, used a generator and then received lots of diamonds and other items on their account. In the comments of these videos and posts we could also find some people, who are claiming it works perfectly. We contaced them and received lots of messages from them. They were showing us screenshots, one of them even took a video to proof it. Our doubts became less and less. Could a Boom Beach hack really work? We tried to contact the owners of the videos, but only one of them replied us. His website was one of the websites, which said it is possible to hack Boom Beach with this online application. No download is needed. For me it sounds pretty safe. How can someone infect your PC or smartphone with a virus without sending you any file? After some chats with the owner of the Boom Beach Hack on Miamilawgame we tried it by ourselves.


We were really nervous at the beginning, but when we were about to use it for real, we just did what it told us. The instructions were pretty clear. Username or account name is required of course, then they want to know the platform you are playing on. At least they want to know how many diamonds you actually want on your iOS or Android account. After that we pressed the generate button on the bottom and a process started. I think it was this moment when they connected with the Boom Beach server to change the existing values in the database. We waited for around 15 minutes and finally got all the diamonds.

In the end I am asking myself: Why are not more people using this online hack? It is working, but even when the people see the proof they are still doubting its functionality. Its kinda absurd. From now on me and my friends will use it always.

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